Jung Dong Jin

Jung Dong Jin is located in the east side of the South Korea. This place has beach as well as mountains. The unique about South Korea is they have a lot of places that has both water and mountains. It is not common in most other countries. I recently went to Jung Dong Jin with my girlfriend in 2009 summer for vacation. I had really good time there. They built a gigantic cruise on the top of a mountain, and you can see most of the views around Jung Dong Jin. There is a train tour in Jung Dong Jin station. Most of people come visit Jung Dong Jin to see the sun rise in the morning with their friends. In this train route actually follows the beach lines so that you can see how one side is water mean while the other side is mountains. I highly recommend this place to go with your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse.


One response to “Jung Dong Jin

  1. Hi, do you recommend tourist to visit this spot during winter?
    How do one actually go to this station? any special train and from whcih train station should we board at?

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